Because assessing your work is not easy

Typically, the process of organizing a webinar at TechSoup is de riguer: webinars are a large part of the services we offer, and we have a good network of experts and collaborators on whom we call to create a comprehensive and useful program. To determine what topic to cover, we listen to what libraries and nonprofits need, and this time was no different: through our work with BTOP grantees we've learned that organizations involved in broadband efforts need help crafting and implementing assessment plans. Armed with this information, we decided to put together a webinar on assessing technology projects, including training and projects related to BTOP efforts.

But we've stopped there. We've assembled folks who can speak to the topic of assessment (see a recent post on the topic), but not representatives from organizations that are currently assessing their projects. What we're seeking is not an expert view, or even someone who has it all figured out (although we'd certainly welcome that view!). What we're looking for are folks who can talk to the challenges, to the process they've chosen, whether it might be the best path or not. We're looking for stories to tell, because we know that stories help others work through a problem to a

We recognize assessing your work is not easy. Just the other day, I shared our intent to create a program around assessment with someone who works at a nonprofit, and he said, "Bless you!" He felt the pain of this topic, and understood the challenges organizations like his face.

That said, if you're working on a BTOP project and can share a bit about your experiences related to assessment, or perhaps you provide training at your library or nonprofit and can speak to your work around measuring success, please get in touch with us. Leave a comment below or email us at TechSoupforLibraries AT TechSoupGlobal DOT org. Your experiences will be shared with a broader community of folks who can learn from you. Thanks!