Basic PC Troubleshooting: Webinar Follow-up

Huge thanks and kudos to Joe Olayvar from the WA State Library, who skillfully presented our most popular TechSoup Edge Initiative webinar yet: Basic PC Troubleshooting. Missed the session? Don’t worry! It was recorded. A number of resources were shared during the session and I’ll include links to those here. We'll be going through the questions that were asked during the session and will create a blog post to respond to those that weren't answered.

Tip #1: Get familiar with the basic components

Next time you have an opportunity to check out what’s “under the hood”, go for it! Nothing beats a hands-on (or even just eyes-on) exploration of what is inside the PC.

As we mentioned during the webinar, GCFLearnFree is a really great resource, not only for your own learning but as a resource to share with others who are learning. There are several pieces of the GCFLearnfree course called “Computer Basics” that are really relevant for today’s topic:

Tip #2: Task Manager is your friend

Microsoft has an article on using Task Manager   And if you’re already using Windows 8, here’s an article on the updates to Task Manager

Tip #3: Dealing with a “dead” PC

How to fix a computer that won’t turn on

Tip #4: Think like a troubleshooter

Tip #5: Dealing with printer issues

More Tips

•Ensure PC ventilation.
•Backup critical data.
•Use external hard drive if needed.
•Listen to your PC.
•PCs are like file cabinets.
•Run/cmd/ipconfig to find your computer's IP address
•Screen shots

Again GCFLearnFree can help! There’s relevant info in other courses, including tips on backing up and taking screenshots (which can be really useful when you’re trying to communicate an issue you’re having).

Resources to Learn More

  • TechSoup articles, forums, archived webinars, donated products, and more!
  • TechSoup for Libraries Cookbooks packed with tips and techniques on maintaining public computers
  • Eli the Computer Guy  “how to” videos
  • Computer Hope, with non-techie descriptions and advice.
  • Joe is updating a manual he has used during face-to-face PC troubleshooting classes. Once it's ready, we'll share it with you!

Today's webinar was one of a series of webinars exploring the Edge Initiative benchmarks, specifically Benchmark 10: Libraries manage their technology resources to maximize quality.

Upcoming Webinars

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