April Library Tech Newsbytes

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Library tech newsbytes is a collection of fun news items from social media and pretty much anywhere else. We hope you enjoy our batch for this month!

Marion County Public Library's Virtual Branch Manager

Marion County Public Library in West Virginia, has developed a Virtual Branch Manager position. The new role supervises all of the library's online and digital content, as well as the newer technologies that the library has purchased in the past year.

The New DC Mini Library in a Shipping Container

The District of Columbia Libraries are experimenting with creating a mini library using a shipping container. This library will house educational programming, a tool library, and bike repair tools and classes.

Missouri Library Rejects $3 Million Gift

The Barry-Lawrence Library system in Missouri rejected a $3 Million gift because of its restrictions.

A-mazing Airways Hands-on Exhibits

A-mazing Airways is an impressive pneumatic air system exhibit that engages children and adults to explore the properties of air. A-mazing Airways exhibits are now in 42 children's museums and libraries around the world including Brooklyn Park Library in Minneapolis. Contact Mindsplash if you'd like to explore having an A-Mazing Airways exhibit at your library

Virtual Theft Sticker at the Queen Mary University of London Library

It happens in every library. Laptops get stolen when a patron goes to the bathroom and briefly leaves their laptop unattended. Brandy Sanchez posted on Twitter a photo of a little sticker that a caring library staffer at the Queen Mary University of London Library left on such an abandoned laptop that says: "Virtually stolen. Next time it could be a thief."

3D Printer Map

Libraries worldwide have media labs where people can try out 3D Printers. Amanda Goodman of Darien Library in Connecticut has put together an international map of locations

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