another form of librarianship

When I was traveling around Northern California on the Internet Archive bookmobile, I had the opportunity to sit down with Eric Brooks, the lone technical support person at the Placer County Library. One of the many conversations we shared was around how he felt technical support personnel should either be mandated to work at a computer lab while in school, or they should pick up hours working a customer service job, like retail. He felt the skills required of these jobs would help techies understand their clients better, and more fully appreciate the word, "support."

I was reminded of this conversation today when I ran across this post on the blog, about a job opening at a Cabella's for a Gun Librarian. As he pointed out, there are a few similarities to his current librarian gig:

  • Ensure proper display of merchandise on the sales floor.
  • Assists customers in finding and selecting products that best meet their needs based on extensive study and field experience.
  • Attends and/or schedules management and area meetings to ensure all departments objectives are met.
  • Prepares store for daily opening and closing.

Not exactly what Eric intended, but worth a giggle or two on a Thursday afternoon. :)