A bookmobile is to web 2.0 as...

Ok, so you've heard the noise about web 2.0, and you've likely heard all the hype, the jargon, and the hullabalo about this fancy new technology with the name that tends to emcompass all that's hot, trendsetting, and must-do-now about the web. But have you heard it described using words librarians know and love?

I just read a very short post from a marketing and fundraising firm that offered a new-to-me perspective on a sometimes tricky topic. Check it out:

"One metaphor i’ve started using is that of a bookmobile vs. a library. the library is fixed in place, and people have to come to you. The bookmobile goes out into the world, and visits places where kids and other readers hang out.

Social media requires a bookmobile strategy."

Pretty interesting, huh? It's worth thinking about, and not just because I have a soft spot for bookmobiles...

I'd love to hear more thoughts about this concept. Does this metaphor ring true? Make sense? Not so much? How do you think of web 2.0?




Thanks so much for making the connection, Jean! It's exciting to see innovation happening in small libraries. In fact, one of the California library innovators is the Yuba County Library, directed by Loren MccRory, who has contributed to the MaintainIT Project. We spotlighted Loren not so long ago, and she has also guest blogged for the project. (read more about her here: http://www.maintainitproject.org/spotlight)

And, you can see photos of the bokomaten machine at Yuba County, here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27298885@N02/

Thanks for sharing, Jean!



Check our Bokomaten/GoLibrary demo on youtube. Search golibrary or bokomaten.
Let me know what you think. Our ribbon cutting is August 23rd and in the meantime we have it somewhat functional, though there are still kinks to work out.