A blazing fast OLD computer? Tell me more!

I was intrigued and excited when I saw the subject, "Get a Blazing-Fast Computer for Free" in a recent thread from the ARSL listserv.

When I realized the subject line referred to an article about Ubuntu, I was happy to see that this open source operating system was gaining more speed. But as I read on, I learned that things have changed, and from the writer's perspective, folks should take note.

The Slate article, "Get a Blazing-Fast Computer for Free: How to give your creaky old Windows computer an Ubuntu makeover" gives renewed praise for this open source operating system. The writer shared,

I found Ubuntu quick to install, speedy to do pretty much everything, and, thankfully, very easy to figure out."

For libraries that have old computers sitting around, or ones that have been relegated to the Children's area, it may be worth giving Ubuntu's latest version a shot. And, as Kieran Hixon, the Library Finance & Technology Manager at John C. Fremont Library District shared, 

You should see a few of the ancient computers we have here that are running Ubuntu and work fantastically! I run my personal laptop on Ubuntu and I like it better than Windows."

For more information on Ubuntu, check out articles and posts on our site. And if you're using Ubuntu in your library, please share your experiences--both pro and con--with us!