106 Fascinating Voice Search Facts

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The Internet has significantly expanded the amount of available reference information and has made searching for it more seamless. Librarians nowadays use their expertise to help patrons develop their searching skills and navigate the Internet so they can search for information more efficiently. In order to maximize their technology services to communities, libraries offer both formal and informal education for senior patrons. But most of all, patrons, especially older ones, can benefit from voice search.

Helping Older Patrons

Seniors are an important part of the American population and of libraries' user group. Therefore, it is important to teach them Internet basics, as well as how to use different electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Voice-enabled technology simplifies Internet browsing considerably and is particularly useful for those with vision or mobility issues. Although older adults are generally considered late adopters, statistics show that they are increasingly adopting voice technology and actually enjoying it.

Voice Search Statistics

Searching libraries' databases using voice-activated technology has many perks, and many baby boomers are already using this technology daily. In fact, recent voice search statistics show that 9.9 percent of them have used voice search in 2018, and this number is projected to reach 10.1 percent in 2019. Fully 25 percent of all Internet searches on Windows 10 devices of all kinds are now voice searches.

The comprehensive infographic below by SEO Tribunal outlines more fascinating stats and facts about voice search. Discover more about this emerging trend, its history, when people use it, what they search for most, and much more.

Infographic: 106 Quick and Fascinating Facts - Voice Search Stats and Facts

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